History of the Namibia Craft CentreThe Namibia Craft Centre opened its doors in 1990, under Newveld Ventures Investment & Development Company (Pty) Ltd. In 1996 the Rossing Foundation took over the management of the centre, and expanded and upgraded it with the inclusion of the Omba Gallery.  As the demand for more trading space increased, the Namibian Craft Centre expanded further in 1999 to include the Hilde List Loft and the Cold Room. 

In 2004, the Omba Arts Trust was established and took over the management of the Namibian Craft Centre from the Rossing Foundation. In 2009, the trust decided to focus on its core business of craft development, which resulted in the registration of the Namibia Craft Centre as a section 21 Company: Namibia Arts, Craft & Design.