Maid in Africa Poster Exhibition27 March to 13 April 2016

Omba Gallery is delighted to host Maid in Africa's Limited Edition of Posters.

Maid of Africa is well known for it's quirky charm of distinctly modern and rural African narrative. More than anything the everyday images, such as shebeens, bottles of Marmite and cans of sardines are accompanied by amusing and humorous African sayings, a tongue-in-cheek twist added to the regularity of contemporary African life.

Maid of Africa has always offered an excellent variety of postcards, some called ‘Oshi-cardies’ complete with rural Oshiwambo folk wisdoms, humorous fridge magnets, hand-painted and printed placemats, aprons, dresses, cushion covers and upholstery fabrics, some inspired by Namibian artist, John Muafangejo, and a charming expression of affection for Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

Now a limited Edition of Posters (five of each only) is available at the Omba Gallery.

Maid in Africa 5
Maid in Africa 3
Maid in Africa 4
Maid in Africa 1
Maid in Africa 2