The World is your Canvas by Daniela Magg21 October to 10 November 2013

Daniela Magg is a ‘born and raised’ native of Windhoek, Namibia. After completing high school, she furthered her studies in the field of ‘biokinetics’, a scientifically designed set of physical activity programmes tailored to individual needs, in Pretoria, South Africa, for a period of five (5) years. Upon her return to Namibia she opened a biokinetics practice in the suburb of Katutura, in partnership with her brother.

Her interest in art emerged at a very young age when she started drawing cartoons while appraising life and her surroundings with an open mind, augmented by a wonderful, internal world of fantasy. As her levels of maturity, confidence and skill in her craft developed, she increasingly longed to express her interpretation of the world beyond the usual boundaries and limitations. This is apparent from the unusual material she selects to function as painting surfaces such as a good piece of wood she found at a scrap yard or on the side of the road, instead of canvas stretched over a wooden frame. Environmentally conscious, Daniela adds dimension to her work by preferring to recycle ‘used and found’ items into her art.

The unique painting surfaces aside, Daniela Magg isolates an object in her paintings, for the purposes of aesthetic emphasis, and presents it as a three-dimensional junction to the actual painting (separate and yet part of), thereby lending depth and exclusivity to each work, subconsciously hinting at more than what is apparent to the naked eye.

Daniela Magg’s unique and in her own words ‘a little strange’ exhibition is aptly christened ‘The World is Your Canvas; Paint Your Own Picture’.