Riveting ... by Frieda Lühl15 November to 30 November 2013

Artistic jeweler, Frieda Lühl, is finally home after spending many years abroad training as a goldsmith and living in Cape Town, South Africa, where she also opened her first studio. In April 2013, she opened a studio in Namibia and Omba Gallery was the venue for her third solo exhibition, aptly named ‘Riveting’.

The word ‘riveting’ has two meanings when used in reference to jeweler Frieda Lühl. Firstly, ‘riveting’ is a relatively well-known technique used to connect, join and fasten material without the application of heat. In Germany, traditional riveting incorporates soldering to join metals for setting stones and other materials. Secondly, the word ‘riveting’ is also an adjective to describe and engrossing experience, similar to ‘fascinating’, ‘gripping’ and ‘intriguing’, all of which are suitable adjectives for Frieda Lühl’s latest collection of jewelry.

Unique, handcrafted pieces of jewelry made with a variety of metals, stones and materials ranging from silver and gold to diamonds, other precious stones, pearls, including rare natural materials combine to serve as physical manifestations of the vision and inspiration which motivate the artist, Frieda Lühl. Her quest to present jewelry so aesthetically pure and unique is no longer an endeavour after expression; it has evolved into a defiant confidence drawing strength from her impressions of light, form and line.

The approximately 100 pieces of jewelry on display at the upcoming exhibition were made using the riveting technique which Frieda rediscovered in Liverpool, United Kingdom, while participating in an artist residency programme. She extensively experimented with the technique and discovered that if used in conjunction with conventional soldering, the possibilities were endless.

Recently, she explored the technique of ‘etching’ printed drawings and patterns on metals and was inspired by the discovery of a dealer in Windhoek, offering the most beautiful of precious stones, cut locally.