Nicky Marais - NEW WORK2 December to 22 December 2013

Omba Gallery was proud to host a solo exhibition of recent works by Nicky Marais. Her first in five years, the exhibition ran from Monday, 2nd December 2013 to Sunday, 22nd December 2013. The nature of non-representational fine art with its conscious departure in the depiction of imagery from recognisable objects and visual references in the world, results in art bearing no trace of reference to anything recognisable.

The past fifteen years have seen Nicky Marais’ work follow an increasingly non-representational trajectory. Colour, shape and line combine on paper and canvas to create paintings of formidable intensity. She expresses an obsession with the random patterns of contemporary urban life sharply contrasted with the orderly patterns of natural objects, the underlying premise for the artwork at this exhibition. The artworks express her fascination with not only pattern but also the movement created by juxtaposing different shapes in repetition, in a variety of complex compositions.

Very large and very small works by Marais were exhibited at Omba Gallery with the intention to recreate for the observer, the contrast and tension she uses as subject matter in the works. The exhibition also includes ‘Small Books’ of art, visual records substantiating the inner force compelling Marais to constantly create.

The exhibition was opened by Immaculate Mogotsi, coordinator of and lecturer in the Multi-disciplinary Research Centre (UNAM) and Chairperson of the Board (Sister Namibia). Nicky Marais is currently the head of the Department of Visual Art and Craft College of The Arts (COTA), in Windhoek. This exhibition was her seventh solo exhibition and her first exhibition in five years.