Between the Lines30 June to 9 July 2014

In 2011, the Fine Ounce Goldsmiths’ Collective was established in Cape Town, South Africa, to promote the art of handmade contemporary jewellery. The Collectives strength lies in the combined skill, creative energy and diverse area of specialisation of each individual jewellery maker. They hope to raise awareness of the multi-faceted process of designing, creating and manufacturing unique jewellery and to elevate the status of individually hand-crafted pieces over mass-produced goods. The Fine Ounce Goldsmiths’ Collective would like to encourage and inspire people to enhance their understanding and appreciation of this versatile art form.

Eight goldsmiths from southern Africa form the core of the collective, including two Namibian born goldsmiths. The goldsmiths are:
  • Jubi (Adeline Joubert) – a red-haired goldsmith with a sense of humour, specialising in smallscale sculptures using a variety of metals;
  • Adi (Adeleen Cloete) – an adventurous goldsmith revelling in sophisticated patterns and details;
  • AnGela (Angela Tölken) – a Namibian by birth with that tell-tale aestheticism of pure, clean lines, muted and natural colours, overlaid by textures of varying depth;
  • Frieda Lühl - a Namibian, who likes to work in gold and silver using precious materials in combination with materials uncommon to jewellery making;
  • Giselle Petty - an admirer of the nomadic tribes of northern Africa, such as the Touareg, her range of products includes mirrors and cutlery;
  • Jane McIlleron – a goldsmith inspired by the ocean, marine life and plants, in particular;
  • Maike Valcarel – deserted Germany to live permanently in Africa, specialises in African jewellery and pursues little-known techniques in jewellery making;
  • Megan Meredith – a cultural sensualist who loves wax and uses the ‘lost wax’ method to cast into metal, objects carved in wax.
‘Between the Lines’ as an exhibition has travelled South Africa to great acclaim and along the way, the goldsmiths promoted uniquely handmade as an alternative to mass-produced jewellery.