Five of a Kind +1 16 April to 30 April 2014
The “five of a kind” exibition, is a bi-annual jewellery group exhibition.
Five of a kind + 1 basically consist of the same core group since our first “five of a kind” exhibition in 2011. This unique group exhibition showes the work of five Namibian Goldsmiths and Jewellery designers and a different guest designer joining the group at every “five of a kind” exhibition, thus the add-on “ +1” behind the title.
The six designers all made an effort to use new materials and unique design concepts. Even the presentation of the jewellery in the Gallery was unique. Every designer presented there precious pieces on different backgrounds, from a rustic background to artistically created canvases. It was an exhibition to look forward to, especially since the last one was two years ago.  
Our Guest designer this year was Elze Eigelaar who grew up in a small town in the Karoo, Graaff-Reinet, South Africa. She graduated at the end of 2011 with a degree in BA Jewellery Design and Metal technique in Stellenbosch, South Africa. In 2010 she spent a semester studying at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Pforzheim, Germany. After attending many different workshops to acquire knowledge of many old techniques, learning from different cultures and working in many well known studios she then started her own business, ‘Elze Designer Jewellery” in 2013. “ I work with semi-precious stones, pearls, silver, copper, brass and gold. I often use thread, string and found objects in my work. I think a jewellery piece can tell a unique story on different wearers.”
For Attila Giersch the possibilities and limits of stainless steel in combination with silver, gold and big Namibian precious stones is the challenging topic. Big, flashy and elegant. 
Heike Lukaschik is exploring the field of colour. She uses different materials / mediums such as paint, silicone and unusual combinations of coral, stones and pearls. Colour accents are used thoughtfully to emphasize or contrast. Different textile structures are applied and transferred to silver and aluminium to add subtle textures and details to the jewellery. Delicate, detailed and delightful.
Sylvia von Kuehne is a passionate artist, scene painter for different occasions and even creates murals on request. She thinks the most important ingredients in every work of art are flexibility, creativity and originality. At this exhibition she concentrated mainly on ear jewellery and displays them on paintings depicting beautiful façades of ladies.
Since two years now Frieda Luhl is intensively working with the riveting technique (Riveting means putting together materials without the use of heat and solder) which she has shown at the “RIVETING” exhibition in November 2013 in the Omba Gallery. For the FIVE OF A KIND + 1 she showed more of her favourite technique, riveting, including other techniques like printing patterns onto metal, which is then oxidised to bring out the image.
Stefan Dietz looks at the diverse nature and all its precious materials such as Diamonds, precious stones, shell, Ivory etc. He is depicting the rough contrasting surfaces of the Namibian landscapes in his jewellery, clearly showing the bold colures of our sunsets as well. ” I combined these genuine Namibian materials with precious metals to present the whole precious Namibia in each of my jewellery pieces”