“Spin-Offs”16 September to 5 October 2014

Omba Gallery featured Gerdis Stadtherr’s 14th solo exhibition.

The artist sums up her exhibition:

Each time I prepare a meal I am left with a bowl of peelings and scrapings, organic matter that goes to the compost heap. The randomly heaped–together colours, shapes and textures of these spin-offs of the meal intrigued me, making me have a closer look. I photographed and photoshopped them and then rendered them in pastel and oil on textured canvas. Fantasy played with the puzzle pieces, with outlines, colours and scale.

I have great respect for organic processes watching how one puzzle piece playfully fits another and develops a new identity.

Every October the huge Jacaranda tree in my garden produces an abundance of blossoms and subsequently seed pods. These seeds, with shapes varying from bizarre to elegant, have a leathery texture and, as an exercise, I started drawing heaped-up seed pods. These sketches, done in a school drawing pad, I pinned to a wall in my studio; endless variations of heaps, I could not get enough of them. Jacaranda blossoms look very different when heaped–up on top of each other. Colours, shadows enrich and influence each other, each blossom giving another tinge to its neighbour, specially if they are in different stages of decay. I produced loads of watercolours to explore these links.

So finally the logical thing for me to do was to combine blossoms and seeds into new compositions- since they stem from the same organic entity.