Peace CollectionRicky Khaxab established ‘The Peace Collection’ as a way to promote and share his fervent belief in peace as the only means to harmonious co-existence among various dominant cultural narratives and in retaliation to a background overshadowed by the violence of colonial Namibia, when the country was highly militarised and war raged mercilessly on the northern border. 
Ricky’s ‘Peace Collection’ is available at a stand in the Namibia Crafts Centre and visitors are presented with an intriguing range of personal adornments and accessories, bracelets, key-rings and necklaces, designed around an assortment of beautiful, Namibian semi-precious stones often combined with other natural materials such as locally-sourced processed leathers in a variety of fashionable colours and raw animal hides. Semi-precious stones such as rose quartz, blue lace agate, yellow jasper and amethyst are the focal points in rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces, gently held in place with graceful loops of silver wire.  
Ricky’s aestheticism draws inspiration from a rural Namibian environment; far removed from the lights, hustle and bustle of Windhoek. As a designer, it is obvious he appreciates the refined perfection of semi-precious stones each uniquely and irregularly shaped millions of years ago, and incorporates them as they are into unique and wearable items of jewellery. There is an element of acceptance of ‘that which is’ apparent in this aspect of his presentation, consistently embraced throughout. His choice and selection of colours and materials do not jar, disturb or distract; they do indeed promote an inner feeling of harmony.  
Every item in ‘The Peace Collection’ is a miniscule messenger proclaiming peace to all and sundry, underwritten by one hopeful Namibian’s belief that we are all collectively responsible for maintaining peaceful, harmonious relationships wherever we are and wherever we go. 
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