Tikoloshe AfrikaThe roots of mopane and ironwood trees in Namibia are shaped into generous, graceful curves and low, sensual loops by the ebbs and flows of soil, nature and nutrition, richly coloured in a pleasing variety of earthy browns.  
In 1990, Paul Goldbach met Paulo Cashinga, a Namibian from Kavango, and a skilled woodcarver, on a farm near Tsumeb, north-central Namibia. Goldbach had first encountered root carving in South America but when he witnessed Cashinga carve a springbok from a root, he was so impressed he asked Cashinga to join him in a business venture.  
Paul managed the business and Paulo Cashinga carved an amazing and fascinating variety of Namibian fauna from the roots of mopane and ironwood trees. The success of the venture was almost instantaneous. One of Paulo’s sculptures won a prize in a national art competition, giving the duo the required confidence to invest in and expand Tikoloshe Afrika.
It takes a trained eye and a lively imagination to visualise in dry tree roots the entwined necks of giraffes, a nibbling porcupine, a grazing tortoise or a herd of elephants but that is exactly what Goldbach and Cashinga have managed to do. Unfortunately, the talented Paulo Cashinga passed away in 2012 but his signature pieces of root carved sculptures continue to grace tables and homes, locally and internationally.
Paul Goldbach has a new team of four woodcarvers namely Johannes Lirunga, Lino Kativa, Lipenda Kambinda and Ndingi Ndumba who share the late Paulo Cashinga’s skill and ability to visualise in and carve from gnarled, curved roots, quirky, almost animated Namibian wild animals which always enthral and fascinate visitors to the Namibia Craft Centre and at the Tikoloshe Afrika stall.  
For truly unique, unforgettable and 100% natural sculptures, shaped by the deft hands of instinctive and intuitive Namibian woodcarvers using the natural curves and swerves of tree roots, a visit to the Tikoloshe Afrika stall is compulsory. 
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