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Namibia Arts Fair Collection - Nigeria
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NAMIBIA ARTS FAIR @ OMBA GALLERY The Namibia Arts Fair is a platform for Namibian and International artists to showcase their art for retail. It is a Creative Hub for the community, uplifting Namibian and International artists to their best capabilities.

The Namibia Arts Fair Art Collection was started in 2019, allowing artist to donate artworks they feel the organization can mobilize into different art markets and display, and to facilitate the exhibition and purchase of multimedia artworks, and educate artists on developing sustainability throughout Namibia and international platforms. Visit the Omba Gallery for a small selection of works of Michael Osajie from Benin City, Nigeria. Michael is a graduate from the famous Art School, Federal Polytechnic Auchi, in Edo State.
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Elia Shiwoohamba - My Namibia, My Nature: 4-30 April 2020
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Elia is a printmaker and linocut artist, and this exhibition includes animals, plants and people.  Inspired by nature, he captured traditional scenes of wildlife interacting with people in  stunning black and white prints.

Previous Exhibitions
Shades of Ghana - Kudjo Owuso
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Kudjo Owuso produced amazing hand made glass beads and presented with stunning Ghanaian batiks, clothing and shoes.