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The Kasupi Trading stall at the Namibia Craft Centre is well-lit, white-floored, and invitingly friendly, presenting itself with as much style as a small, high-end boutique...with a difference. TomKat exclusively retails ‘fashionable’ clothing, jewellery, accessories and selected apparel, like T-shirts, made or decorated by hand, almost entirely originating from the Namibian craft sector.  

Kathleen Newton, owner of Kasupi Trading, is proud the stall retails fashionable Namibian-made products and aims to create a niche market for these items. Co-owner of the stall, Josephine Kasupi, is from a previously disadvantaged community and has worked at Kasupi Tarding for thirteen years. She enjoys providing visitors with an experience of a ‘different’ kind of craft stall.    
Kasupi Trading offers the adventurous fashionista leather bags made from flawless springbok and zebra hides which follow the design and pattern of mainstream handbags, clutches and shoulder-slings, and are conventional enough to take to the office. Kasupi Trading's famous leather springbok fur sandals are often available in fashionable colours like bright greens and screaming pinks. The jewellery at the stall is conventionally mounted and set with surprising and intriguing combinations of semi-precious stones. Unique hand-painted aprons, T-shirts and hats in pastel colours provide for a softer, more creative tone to the stall, causing visitors to pause and ponder in the selection process.  

If you are in search of crafty items produced by COSDEF (Community Skills Development Foundation) in Namibia, look no further than the TomKat stall; a Namibian craft outlet with the look and feel of a boutique.