Oasa Taradi Trust

The distinctive embroidery of Oasa Taradi is the result of years of careful cultivation and dedication. Unique, bold, eye-catching and well executed, the beautifully embroidered cushion covers, tablecloths, serviettes, aprons and placemats of Oasa Taradi are the finished products of underprivileged women in Namibia.   ‘Oasa Taradi’ means ‘busy women’ in Nama/Damara, an indigenous Namibian […]

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Omba Arts Trust


The Omba Arts Trust is more than a promoter of rare Namibian crafts and art; it is a registered Fair Trade organisation, not for profit and a preserver of some of Namibia’s oldest crafting practices. For the past twenty years, the Trust has worked closely with the Ju/Hoansi community in Namibia to foster a sustainable […]

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Peace Collection


Ricky Khaxab established ‘The Peace Collection’ as a way to promote and share his fervent belief in peace as the only means to harmonious co-existence among various dominant cultural narratives and in retaliation to a background overshadowed by the violence of colonial Namibia, when the country was highly militarised and war raged mercilessly on the […]

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Penduka Development Trust


Penduka Development Trust is a welfare organisation situated in Katutura, Windhoek, and was established twenty years ago, with the aim to uplift and empower economically disadvantaged and disabled women. The word ‘penduka’ means ‘wake up!’ and is a call to women in Namibia to take charge of their lives.   Penduka’s products are useful and perfectly […]

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