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Fimbi Leather

Self-taught designer and owner of Fimbi Leather, Elsie Imhof, has successfully harnessed her background as tour guide to express a deep-seated appreciation for the Namibian outdoors and her knowledge of a variety of animal hides to create a popular range of eye-catching and attractive leather products. Each item is unique and therefore a leather lover and collector’s dream. Broad and generously cut, the lines of her designs appeal to the avant-garde and ultra chic. Imhof started Fimbi Leather Art four years ago after a successful art exhibition and...

Omba Arts Trust

For the past twenty years, the Omba Trust has worked closely with the Ju/Hoansi community in Namibia to foster a sustainable development model to integrate the rare skills of the Ju/Hoansi into the mainstream economy. The Ju/Hoansi is a San tribal community in rural Namibia, confined in large part to but a small section of their previous hunter-food-gathering landscape. With the guidance and support of Omba Arts Trust, community members fashion beautifully intricate jewellery from ostrich egg shells and create very rare pieces of art, often used as...

!Ikhoba Textile Project

The !Ikhoba Textile Project was started in 1983 by sisters Heide, Karin and Ute Lacheiner on their family farm outside Otjiwarongo, in northern Namibia. !Ikhoba is the San word for the riveting Namibian antelope generally known as ‘gemsbok’ or ‘oryx’, or collectively as ‘wild animals of Africa’. The wives of the farmworkers on the farm produced unique, distinctively African embroidery, frequently inspired by African wildlife, which were in great demand and sold quickly. The Lacheiner sisters decided to create a sustainable market for the women’s embroidery products via...