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NamPost offers a one stop shop for mail, post banking activities, airtime, settle your bills, send a parcel, stationery. NamPost is committed to the following: Delivering on its mandate of providing postal services while gradually transforming and repositioning to remain a beneficial presence in all Namibian communities; Contributing to financial inclusion of Namibian residents by expanding financial services and making services more accessible to low income people and to those that are currently not served; and Enhancing its capacity and service delivery in the courier and logistics space...

Maid in Africa

The quirky charm of Maid in Africa lies in its distinctly modern and rural African narrative. More than anything the everyday images, such as shebeens, bottles of Marmite and cans of sardines, carefully reproduced on the bright, hand-painted fabrics are accompanied by amusing and humorous African sayings, a tongue-in-cheek twist added to the regularity of contemporary African life. Andrew and Micha Weir started Maid in Africa in 2006 after their domestic worker, Priscilla, was diagnosed with HIV. They were forced to watch helplessly as her condition worsened even...

Kabo Crafts

Kabo Craft is a magnet for creative minds and untrained hands. Minds that draw inspiration from Namibia’s stark environment; its cultures, its spaces of a vast nature and the vibrant cities. (Hands, that shape arts and design out of every material available, from mopane wood and desert sand, to newspaper and beer cans). It is this passion for the land, aesthetics and the people, which you can see in the product that are truly Namibian ranging from papier mache, metal and woodwork, printed fabrics and toys. Located on...