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Ekipa Gold Design

Grit Bottcher, a master goldsmith, started Ekipa Gold Design a little more than thirteen years ago.  The designs found at her stall are very intriguing styles, combinations and compositions of handmade jewellery pieces, indicative of a particular aesthetic which has proved tremendously popular and enduringly stylish.

Grit is a perfectionist and this quality manifests itself in the perfect geometry and smoothness of many of the jewellery pieces. Her particular aesthetic also lends itself to extremes and opposites:  a sensuality incorporating the tactile and soft in material, combined with the cold hardness of silver, bronze, aluminium and gold.

Her love for all things naturally Namibian lies at the core of every piece of jewellery, for example an enticing selection of fur-rings, springbok and Nguni hide fur-pendants, ostrich-shell pendants, seeds and recycled glass beads all set in either silver, aluminium or gold make for eye-catching, interesting jewellery with a fine, unique touch ideal for the chic and creative executive. Precious and semi-precious stones presented uncut, as natural as they occur, in precise, geometrical designs enhance the curious combination of wild Namibia barely tamed by the exact, harshness of modern jewellery techniques.

Ekipa Gold Design is a rare and pleasant shopping experience, completed by salespersons that were trained by Grit Bottcher to custom size rings and are able to make earrings and pendants while the customer waits. Prepare to receive curious looks and compliments while wearing jewellery from this fascinating stall in the Namibia Craft Centre!


November 10, 2016


Accessories, Jewellery