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Lord J’s Dyeing House

Rita Bankie,  a qualified teacher from Ghana started to explored her innate appreciation for vibrant colour, quality fabrics and established Lord ‘J’ Dyeing House in 1996.

With  three seamstresses and coupled with a steely determination to present customers at the stall in the Namibia Craft Centre with high quality products, Lord ‘J’ Dyeing House offers an array of fabric-based goods unique and rare in design.

In addition to fine kente cloth from the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana, they also stock a variety of hand-painted fabrics, carefully selected by Rita, who utilises her trained eye to identify outstanding talent and workmanship.

The fabrics are either sold per piece or value-added with decorations, cut and sewn into dresses for children, utility bags, cushion covers, table runners, tablecloths, potholders, placemats, shirts and apparel for adults. Lord ‘J’  offers a fascinating variety of African fabrics and high-quality, 100% cotton products.

A visit to Lord ‘J’ Dyeing House is an absolute must for a panoramic, exotic experience of and immersion in African fabrics and products, catering to all ages and spanning a satisfactory variety of curious tastes.


November 25, 2019


Accessories, Clothes, Cushions, Decor, Handbags, Linen