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Morris Baba Arts

Morris Baba found hope in handicraft.  It started as a hobby first and grew into something more.   When he came to Namibia, he started on the street and made wire and beaded animals and art pieces.  After really battling, he was offered a spot at the Craft Centre.  Now he has improved the quality of this products and is able to support his family in Namibian and Zimbabwe from  sales at the Craft Centre.  His skill is self-taught.  ‘When I was young, I was inspired by a man who used to do carvings.  I started to make some bicycles and then I went on to make elephants and geckos.’  Morris produces a variety of recycled animals, toys, decorations, large welded metal animals and many more.  One of the most popular animals, the warthog, has been bought by many visitors and shipped to Europe and Americas.  Morris makes sure that he has a great variety of products, and guarantees that there is something for everyone.


November 25, 2019


Leisure, Toys