Claudia Hangara is a craft trader from rural Namibia, raised in a family loving all things leather. Fifteen years ago, when she started her own business, Josephine’s Leather Work, Arts and Crafts, Claudia’s range naturally focused exclusively on handbags, purses, wallets, jewellery and animals made of leather.

The leather is sourced locally thereby lending to each item a 100% Namibian identity. As the years passed and her business grew, Claudia slowly incorporated other items into her range of products such as rawhide sandals of springbok hide, wire craft, dolls, key-rings and beaded products.

Claudia has travelled the world extensively, particularly Europe, to showcase her Namibian leather products and in an effort to expand the range of crafts and afford women especially the opportunity for economic empowerment, employs crafters directly to produce for Josephine’s Leather Work, Arts and Crafts.

Her outstanding range of Namibian animal hides such as springbok, oryx, zebra and nguni are firm favourites internationally, and she has a keen eye for hides in excellent condition, with an added willingness to offer her clients the very best available. Her business acumen and estimation of a hide’s true worth is legendary in Namibian leather circles and she is able to assist exporters with the correct information and advises how best to care for Namibian animal hides.

Claudia Hangara has a unique set of skills in Windhoek and a visit to her stall in the Namibia Craft Centre is compulsory if you are in the market for an enticing variety of leather products, crafts, Namibian art and in particular, if you are looking for a beautiful animal hide to decorate and compliment your home or office.