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Wildlife photographer, Hentie Burger, knows the Namibian landscape has a million different photographic angles and that they all make for great photographs. He established Foto Namibia in the Namibia Craft Centre to showcase a series of breathtaking photographs featuring Namibian wildlife, vegetation, society and culture as uniquely as he sees it; like a tourist, for the very first time.

Hentie Burger took his first photograph when he was twelve years old. Almost half a century later, he still has a sense of wonderment at and consequently treats with unreserved awe the natural landscape of Namibia. Photographers are generally required to be very observant of occurrences in their surroundings; Hentie Burger is no different. He notices a yawning young cheetah, a dozing lion, sparring horses, an anxious oryx bull and he also captures a shy child in the Himba hinterland or a concerned mother bathed orange by the sun setting in the Kalahari. Interestingly, he has the ability to make rural, traditional communities appear commonplace, while landscapes, fauna and flora are photographed in such a way, as to appear exotic, even to Namibians.

In addition to the stunning photographs of various scales and sizes, Foto Namibia also has an impressive selection of rare Namibian coffee table photo books and albums of Namibian landscapes, fauna and flora, all in hardcover and glossed for additional durability, the perfect gift or reception area frontispiece.

Literature of Namibian origin has a special and dedicated space at Foto Namibia and here customers are likely to find veritable jewels of indigenous and local literature, including stories told from as many different angles as there are Namibians. These are collector’s items because many are out of print already and circulation may have been low.

Namibian music is often overlooked as an export or income-generating product however, Foto Namibia brings visitors a step closer to cultural immersion by rounding off a superb product range with traditional Namibian music, tastefully presented in the modern form of CDs, and a selection of choral, gospel and contemporary Namibian music (influenced by technology and the West), including a few rare recordings of haunting Namibian folk songs.

Foto Namibia offers visitors and customers a complete visual (photographs), audio (music) and intellectual (literature) experience of an unforgettable and rarely seen Namibia.

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