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Marukuavi’s Beads and Gifts

At Rosa Marukuavi Kahuna’s stall in the Namibia Craft Centre, visitors will find a provocative collection of eco-friendly, low-cost jewellery handmade from natural materials such as glass beads, calabash, bone, horn, seeds, even recycled paper.

Marukuavi’s Beads and Gifts is twelve years old and Rosa Kahuna was taught how to make ear, neck and arm/wrist adornments by the previous owner. Rosa, an economically disadvantaged woman, now manages and stocks the stall herself, expressing her fine sensitivity for the diverse preferences of customers who desire a combination of contemporary and rural traditional designs.

Rosa knows by this time what works and what does not and she knows the craft market and its supporters like the back of her hand. The great variety in personal adornments, across several ranges of colours and in similar often various styles, testify to a keen awareness of the stallholder to attract and cater to as many tastes as possible, using display techniques that have served her well over the years.

Hand-painted leather key-rings, wooden and ostrich shell hairclips, handmade greeting cards and an assortment of wire-craft are also available at Marukuavi’s Beads and Gifts. Rosa also supports home-crafters by purchasing selected items from them she knows will suit her particular group of customers, and in so doing, has stimulated a small, mutually beneficial eco-system around her stall.

What makes her stall so irresistible is undoubtedly the extensive variety of a kind on offer and it is impossible not to purchase a pair of earrings, a handmade beaded necklace or a bangle made from good quality materials and decorated with care. The visitor will enjoy the ambience at Marukuavi’s Beads and Gifts because it leaves one with the nostalgic feeling of an authentic craft market experience...somewhere in wide, beautiful, mysterious Africa.

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