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Mio offers beautiful and unusual, but yet practical cat- and dogbeds, colourful and unique bandanas, collars, harnesses, matching leashes, and highly seductive toys.

Every single Mio is hand made with loads of love and attention to detail. Every Mio is designed and produced right here in Windhoek, Namibia.

Every customized Mio is a UNIQUE design planned and sewn just for you. Nowhere in the world, will you find another bedding or pillow with this special combination of your chosen colours and patterns.

There is a broad range of different materials to choose from, and different designs and styles to make the Mio perfect for you and your pet.

Thanks to the four-legged members of the Mio-team, every bedding is stress tested on quality and comfort before it finds its way into your home.

Mio started as a project with which we tried to raise money to cover the expenses of the cats that we adopted from the SPCA in Windhoek, the Cat Protection Society, or found in the streets. We fostered street kittens that were found in Otavi and tried to find loving forever homes for them, with the help of the Cat Protection Society of Namibia. Some of them have stayed with us since, as we could not find propper homes. By now, we are a big and happy Mio family with four cats and one dog.

There is still so much more to come. We are always working on new designs and we still have plenty of ideas left for many, many new products and designs which will hopefully be soon realized.

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