Anin Linen

Anin is a Nama word that translates to many birds. The Nama People is a member of the Khoikhoi people of Namibia and live in the Southern parts of the vast Namibia. The Anin project grew from humble beginnings. As the very creative, hip, city girl and wife of a successful Swakara farmer, Heidi von Hase […]

  • Anabel Loubser

Craft Café

Roland Lösch is an engineer by training but when the opportunity presented itself to realise a subconscious yearning to express his attraction to gastronomy, he never hesitated, grabbed it with both hands and bought the café at the Namibia Craft Centre in 2005. It is now called the Craft Café. The Craft Café balcony is […]

  • Roland Losch
  • +264 61 249 974

Ekipa Gold Design

Grit Bottcher, a master goldsmith, started Ekipa Gold Design a little more than thirteen years ago and proceeded to present visitors and customers at her stall with very intriguing styles, combinations and compositions of handmade jewellery pieces, indicative of a particular aesthetic which has proved tremendously popular and enduringly stylish. Grit is a perfectionist and […]

  • Grit Bottcher
  • +264 81 286 8664
  • +264 61 258 743

Emage Workshop

The team of Emage Workshop has been crafting for over ten years and is highly equipped with the skills-development and discipline required to mesh the open-ended, unstructured artistic process on the one hand, with the goal-orientated, structured process of craft-making on the other. Emage Workshop takes conventional, acceptable forms of products such as books, dinner […]

  • Tanya Schemmer
  • +264 81 270 0852
  • +264 61 225 191