!Ikhoba Textile Project


The !Ikhoba Textile Project was started in 1983 by sisters Heide, Karin and Ute Lacheiner on their family farm outside Otjiwarongo, in northern Namibia. !Ikhoba is the San word for the riveting Namibian antelope generally known as ‘gemsbok’ or ‘oryx’, or collectively as ‘wild animals of Africa’. The wives of the farmworkers on the farm […]

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Fimbi Leather Art

To experience the wild, raw sensuality of Namibian leather requires a visit to the Fimbi Leather Art stall at the Namibia Craft Centre. It is a struggle to resist touching the variety of leather and hide handbags, pouches, key rings and leather-winged angels on display and equally impossible to ignore the generosity of spirit behind […]

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Foto Namibia

Wildlife photographer, Hentie Burger, knows the Namibian landscape has a million different photographic angles and that they all make for great photographs. He established Foto Namibia in the Namibia Craft Centre to showcase a series of breathtaking photographs featuring Namibian wildlife, vegetation, society and culture as uniquely as he sees it; like a tourist, for […]

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Glenda’s Leather Art & Curio Boutique

Glenda Meinert produces original wildlife and figurative art on high-quality, hand-selected leather. Every piece is different and due to the nature of leather, requires careful planning in composition, layout, design and selection. She draws inspiration from African, Namibian wildlife and landscapes. Glenda started her working career as a designer and pattern-maker at Nakara, Namibia’s largest […]

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Ibenstein Weavers


Ibenstein Weavers produces high-quality, decorative carpets, runners and wall-hangings using Karakul wool. Karakul sheep were introduced to Namibia more than a hundred years ago and the species flourished in the dry Namibian climate. The pelt of the sheep is particularly prized for the production of high-value Persian carpets in the Middle East. In 1952, Marianne […]

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Josephine’s Leather Work, Arts and Crafts

Claudia Hangara is a craft trader from rural Namibia, raised in a family loving all things leather. Fifteen years ago, when she started her own business, Josephine’s Leather Work, Arts and Crafts, Claudia’s range naturally focused exclusively on handbags, purses, wallets, jewellery and animals made of leather. The leather is sourced locally thereby lending to […]

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Kasupi Crafts

The Kasupi Crafts stall at the Namibia Craft Centre is well-lit, white-floored, and invitingly friendly, presenting itself with as much style as a small, high-end boutique…with a difference. They exclusively retail ‘fashionable’ clothing, jewellery, accessories and selected apparel, like T-shirts, made or decorated by hand, almost entirely originating from the Namibian craft sector. Owner of […]