The name ‘Limbandungila’ means ‘walk slowly’ in Oshiwambo, an indigenous language of northern Namibia and owner, Ottilie Nghiitwikwa, is a connoisseur of hand-carved wooden crafts from north and north-eastern Namibia. Limbandungila was established in 1997 and stocks beautifully hand-carved wooden masks, paintings in relief, ceremonial masks and wildlife figurines, including traditional Namibian items such as […]

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Lord ‘J’ Dyeing House

Rita Bankie is a qualified teacher from Ghana but in 1996, circumstances forced her to look elsewhere for a means of income. She explored her innate appreciation for vibrant colour, quality fabrics and established Lord ‘J’ Dyeing House. With the assistance of three seamstresses and coupled with a steely determination to present customers at the […]

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Maid in Africa

The quirky charm of Maid in Africa lies in its distinctly modern and rural African narrative. More than anything the everyday images, such as shebeens, bottles of Marmite and cans of sardines, carefully reproduced on the bright, hand-painted fabrics are accompanied by amusing and humorous African sayings, a tongue-in-cheek twist added to the regularity of […]

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Marukuavi’s Beads and Gifts

At Rosa Marukuavi Kahuna’s stall in the Namibia Craft Centre, visitors will find a provocative collection of eco-friendly, low-cost jewellery handmade from natural materials such as glass beads, calabash, bone, horn, seeds, even recycled paper. Marukuavi’s Beads and Gifts is twelve years old and Rosa Kahuna was taught how to make ear, neck and arm/wrist […]

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Matukondjo Dolls

Out Of Katutura is a collaboration of two projects, the IYaloo Project and the Matukondo Doll Project. The IYaloo Project was started in 2005 by four unemployed women of Katutura. Kornelia, Beata, Maria and Emilia combined their skills to alter, repair clothing and make pet baskets for cats and dogs. After receiving a large donation […]

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Mewiliko Gift Shop

Mewiliko Gift Shop opened for business in 1999 at the Namibia Craft Centre, and stocks a unique range and collection of affordable and useful gifts. The shop is owned and managed by Anna Hango, who takes a keen interest in the needs of her customers.  On the shelves of Mewiliko are handmade products made almost […]

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Mio Pet Beds

Mio offers beautiful and unusual, but yet practical cat- and dogbeds, colourful and unique bandanas, collars, harnesses, matching leashes, and highly seductive toys. Every single Mio is hand made with loads of love and attention to detail. Every Mio is designed and produced right here in Windhoek, Namibia. Every customized Mio is a UNIQUE design […]

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Miracle Arts & Crafts

Miracle Arts & Crafts is a relatively small stall in the Namibia Crafts Centre but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for with a resplendent and truly amazing variety of small to medium sized handicrafts from every imaginable corner of Namibia. The woman behind this ‘tiny shopping mall’ of crafts is […]

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